キミはもうひとりじゃない/lost and found

ギャラリー(4枚の写真です)/a gallery of 4 photos20140716-lost-found-1-2 20140716-lost-found-2-2 20140716-lost-found-4-2 20140716-lost-found-5-2 ** 大丈夫、もうひとりじゃないから。 Don’t worry, little guy. You’re not alone anymore… ** 😦

* * *
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66 thoughts on “キミはもうひとりじゃない/lost and found

  1. My dear Takami, I really love your brilliant pieces of art, you are a talented artist. As you know I wrote a story in my blog about one of these enchanted photos. Sorry because is in Spanish, I already used the Google translator to make the translation in your language, but I know that a significant part of the meaning and message is lost. If you understand and read in English you can use the translator and translate Spanish to English directly. I verified the translation that Google did, and is very good. 🙂 A big hug and a kiss for the Princess of Photography!!!

  2. かわいそうなアヒル!How can a mother abandon such cute baby????I wouldn’t do that!^^It’s so kawaii,fluffy & soft that makes you want to protect it.Arigatou for saving it!!!!You definitely were at the right place at the right time.Hope the zoo will find another mother to look after it till it grows up.
    Anyway;the picture has perfectly been shot.Otsukare-sama!!!!!^^

    • Hello my friend! Yes, I thought it was very sad that this baby was abandoned and neglected 😦 I know it’s the cruel ‘law of nature’ that this can happen…but it still makes me sad. Fortunately, this baby duck was in a zoo, and he could be found and rescued. I feel very honoured to ‘find’ him at the right time. Thank you always for your comment!

    • This duckling was abandoned by his mother (and other female mandarin ducks) in the area 😦 However, these ducks were not in the wild (they were in a zoo) so the zookeepers decided to care for him until he got stronger and could return to the group. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and alert the zookeepers of his situation.

      As always, thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

    • Hello Alexander,
      Thank you very much for your visit and comment. I appreciate your feedback very much, and it’s my pleasure if you can enjoy some of my photos. Thank you for your beautiful poetry and photos that you share in your site.

      Best wishes,
      Takami 🙂

    • Hello Randall, thank you so much for your comment! I hope all is well, and you’ve been able to snap more beautiful photos this summer? 🙂 I like the first shot too – it was exactly the moment I discovered this lone duckling, and I hoped to express the situation he was in. From majestic creatures to the smallest critters, I feel that all life is important & significant, and it’s one of my ‘proudest’ moments to know I might have just been able to help this little guy get a second chance. He was a plucky little fellow, and was fighting for his life!

      On a side note (and many apologies for what will appear like shameless self-promotion – sorry!) I had posted another B&W ‘Kendo’ series earlier this month…if interested, please take a look: https://tibaraphoto.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/stillness-and-motion/

      Hope you have a lovely weekend, in spite of the heat & humidity! 😀


    • Thank you! I was so happy to be in the right place at the right time (or else, no one would have noticed the lost duckling that day), and find help for this little guy. I could almost hear my heart break when he looked at me 😦 Fortunately, he should be in ‘good hands’ now 😀

    • こんばんは。最近、蒸し暑い日々が続いていますね(><)

      • それはよかったですね。

        • どんなに小さな命でも、この世にある限り大事に大切に守られる社会であってほしいと願っています。Chunさんもきっと、同じ思いでしょう!Chunさんの、いつも優しい写真や優しい言葉が私の心に響くんです^^ ❤ ❤

          • そうですね。どんなに小さくても生きていますからね。
            そんなふうに感じます。 <3

    • I didn’t want to cause him extra stress, so I stayed beside him and gentle caressed him only once (so soft, so fragile). When the zookeeper arrived and gently picked him up, she kindly allowed me take some photos of him in his hands 🙂 It seems crazy, but when he looked at me, I felt my heart melt, and I could feel something special…

      Thank you very much for your comment!

  3. Oh, Takami! I’m so glad you that you felt inspired to go to the zoo that day! You know how much I love ducklings! And your little duckling is the cutest thing ever–it’s so small and sweet, it makes my heart melt. And you got some fabulous photos. I love the whole series, it tells a wonderful story and it has a happy ending! :))

    And thank you again for reblogging my post.

    Good morning from Calgary and have a great day, my friend.

    • Good morning Jeannie! A hundred thanks for your positive comment and feedback 🙂 Actually there is a real ‘zoo story’ behind it (I can tell you about it via personal message if you’re interested) but the short version is, I’m glad I listened to my instinct and make the trip to the zoo. It was painstakingly obvious that this guy was neglected (he hatched much later than the others) and he very well might have died if left alone 😦 I realise it’s the harsh reality of nature/life, but fortunately, he was in a zoo, so I was not breaking any rules by intervening 🙂 This experience left an emotional impact on me for a while, and one of the reasons I delayed posting it… 😉

      And it’s my pleasure and honour to share your blog post! I appreciate you gave me permission to do so 😀 And now, I am off to look at your website again 😉 Wishing you and your partner a lovely evening/night!

      • It is part of the natural world that some little ducklings will not survive. But it seems that this one was destined to be saved by you! :)) And I’m glad it was. And, yes, do feel free to send me a note. :))

      • Thank you, Takami! The heat we are enjoying right now is a dry heat as we are landlocked and quite a distance from any large bodies of water. I find the dry heat to be quite comfortable. I’ve only ever experienced the kind of humid heat I think you are talking about in my travels to Thailand. It was so hot and humid, my clothing stuck to me the whole time I was there! Consuming copious amounts of coconut ice cream seemed to be the only remedy! :)) I’m certain you can find some great ice cream to help you through the heat! (By the way, my partner’s favourite ice cream flavour is also vanilla, but he makes the cherry vanilla for me.) Enjoy the rest of your day. :))

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