一緒に遊ぼう/let’s play!

ギャラリー(8枚の写真です)/a gallery of 8 photos
ライオンの赤ちゃん、三つ子の兄妹です。/Lion cub siblings, 2 boys and 1 girl 🙂20140917-playtime-1-2 20140917-playtime-2-2 20140917-playtime-3-2 20140917-playtime-4-2 20140917-playtime-5-2 20140917-playtime-6-2 20140917-playtime-7-2 20140917-playtime-8-2*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s).
※画像をクリックすると大きく見れます。 🙂

* * *
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72 thoughts on “一緒に遊ぼう/let’s play!

    • Dear Mr. Mielke,
      Golly, thank you so much for your generous comment! 🙂
      I’ve been a follower & admirer of your blog for 2 years, and your work has always been an inspiration. The many tips & links you share have also been a big help. I know you have thousands of subscribers, so never expected you’d have time to stop by my little site. Thanks so much, you’ve made my day.
      Best wishes,

      • I do so regret not being able to follow up on the nearly 4,000 followers I now have. I used to trace back every one of them to see what they are all about. I really enjoyed looking at your blog site and great photos. I need to bookmark your site and visit more often. Have a great day! – Bob

          • Oh I do remember your request! It’s not often folks actually ask. I do have a few loyal followers that have. In fact one young lady wrote a children’s book and grace the front cover with one of my pictures. She gave me full credit and sent me a copy. I really do appreciate all my followers. I am humbled by their loyalty.

          • It’s wonderful that the young author featured your photo on the front cover and gave you full credit & a copy of the book! I know I’d definitely be tickled pink 🙂 I’m proud to consider myself a loyal follower of your photography, and my husband is a fan too.

          • I am honored. I certainly remember cross the 100 follower total which took me almost a year. The second year has been insane, with folks from all over the globe getting onboard. I love what I do so it’s a labor of love, of passion for me.

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    • あわせかがみ様

    • Thank you, you’re too kind!!
      Like many photographers, it’s my dream to visit the African plains someday and see animals in their natural habitat… To hear that these shots were captured ‘as if in Africa’ made me smile like an idiot, hahaha 😀 😀

      These cubs are at Fuji Safari Park, a very nice place near Mt. Fuji. I could observe them for days and never get bored. I can’t wait to see them grow up!

    • Hello Ben,
      As always, thanks for your comment. These photos (and the other lion cubs photos I’ve posted so far) have been taken at Fuji Safari Park, in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s about a 3 hour trip from the center of Tokyo.
      Hope all is well in the Land of Morning Calm 🙂

  2. Hi buddy,

    You always bring awesome things to your blog! Truly in love with all your photos additional with these ones. Look at them they are really cute!! Adorable as well..

    I hope you have lovely evening!

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂
    Swetank. ♥

    • Hello my buddy Swetank 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy if these baby lions could bring a smile to your face. They were so carefree and full of energy!
      Wish you and your family a great day too!

      Warm regards,

    • Thank you so much for your comment! It’s always a pleasure to receive feedback like this, and I’m thrilled if these young ‘uns could brighten your day 🙂 I always look forward to seeing more of Harlem/NYC through your lens too – such an amazing city!

  3. Cute little things, wish they stayed small like that for ever, because the big ones scar the hell out of me. Nice pic´s. These guys are actually cute, almost like a teddy bear but with some agresion issues on them……mother nature I guess.

    • Thank you! 😀
      Yes, this trio was very cute, and although I think all babies are cute, lion cubs really have the ‘awwww’ effect on me. The girl was the smallest of the trio, but she certainly had spunk (as you can see, she gave her brother a ‘punch’ to the nose). I like the ‘big’ ones too, but prefer to admire them from afar or via nature documentaries 😉 As you say, Mother Nature! 😉 😀

    • Hello my friend Aquileana! Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, the baby lions were very cute – I loved to see them grown stronger and more confident as time passed 🙂

      I am honoured that you nominate me for an award. Sadly, I don’t participate in awards process (please, don’t be offended) but I am so happy you enjoy my photos. Your visit and comments are my best “awards” 🙂 ❤

      Have a great day!

    • こんにちは!コメントありがとうございます☆

    • Hello Herve, good morning from Tokyo 🙂
      I am happy you enjoyed the lion baby photos. Yes, it was splendid to see them playing together. A beautiful moments. Thank you always, for your kind comment!

  4. Oh, Takami! What a fabulous series! You have captured their beautiful, young, playful, fun and inquisitive nature so perfectly. It made my partner and I smile to see your images this morning! :)) I especially love the photo where the one cub is playing with the tail of its sibling! What a great capture! And I also love the last portrait too–spectacular shot. Beautifully photographed series. Well worth all the time it took you to get them! Very nice work! Enjoy the rest of your week! :))

    • Hello Jeannie, thank you for making my morning with your lovely comment! My aim was to bring smiles to people with this series, and it seems to have worked 🙂 🙂 My husband also loved the shot with the (boy) cub reaching for the tail of his (girl) sibling. The girl was the smallest of the trio, but she was quite feisty, and could really pack a punch 😀

      It was one of my ‘photographer’s dreams’ to try and capture lion cubs at play. While the ‘big’ dream is to do it in Africa, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to do so here at home. Like all babies, the cubs were so full of expression and energy, I could watch them for days and never get bored.

      Sorry for the ramble, and I hope you enjoy the remainder of the week too! 🙂

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