あなたの幸せはなんですか?/what is happiness to you?

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93 thoughts on “あなたの幸せはなんですか?/what is happiness to you?

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  2. You were dropped from my Reader AGAIN, that’s why I haven’t been resounding to your beautiful work. Sorry about that. You were one of many:( This picture would be perfect (with the words, would be perfect for Artists4Peace, if you car to send it in. 🙂 Beautiful.

    • Hello Gigi 🙂
      Yes, I understand the ‘reader troubles’ because it’s happened to me too 😦 But thank you for visiting & following my site again 🙂 Yes, I sent this post (along with some others) to Artists4Peace! Another post will go live later today (Wednesday) so I will sent that too 😉

  3. 良い質問ですね、たかみさん。。。45年ほど前、おばあちゃんの家で「水戸顧問」見ていました。お金の無い人にはお米の一粒は大事だったね。。。基本的にはそれはハッピー。。。

    • 金本様
      私にとって「幸せ」は、夫婦健康であることと、夫の笑顔が見れるときです・・やっぱり、simple is best、ですね(笑)

    • Many thanks for your comment 🙂
      There’s something about ducks (especially baby ones) that have the ability to bring a smile to even the ‘coldest’ person, don’t you agree? When I’m having a bad day, or feeling particularly nasty, all I have to do is watch some ducks at the nearby pond, and I feel so much better.

  4. Hey buddy.. how you doing! Its been long.. Well happiness for me is to see others happy! If there is a way I could make someone smile and help them out, is what really makes me happy. Well, actually that is what I am doing with Being Bettr. When readers tell me how my words and tips helped them, I feel really proud, honored`. “Actually the most happiest person in the WORLD”. By the way I don’t get paid to write, I just write because I love. Inspiring & Helping.

    PS: Takami, is there a way to earn from what I write? Because getting something like donation will really help me to make my living. Actually had no idea on it. I see writers and photographers like you is making living from their passion. I’d really like your help in it.

    Swetank. Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

    • Hello Swetank,
      How are you my buddy? 🙂 I’m so happy to read your comment again. Thank you for answering my question ‘what is happiness to you’ – you’re right, when we can bring a smile to someone’s face, or be able to help others, it gives us happiness and also a feeling of goodwill for everyone. Your wonderful site is always full of inspiration, and I can feel your genuine passion and love to inspire & help. I know your other readers feel the same 🙂

      I’m also trying to find a way to ‘earn a living’ from my photography. I think many creative people like us (writers, photographers, artists, etc) are having the same challenges, because it’s hard to make a living from our true passions. So, I’m trying to find the same answers as you!

      Maybe you know this site: http://aopinionatedman.com/
      He is someone who’s passionate about his writing and trying to find ways to make a living from it. He’s usually very helpful to other people and answers comments, so I think you can find a lot of information already on his blog (it’s a lot of info…)

      Let’s continue to work towards making our dreams come true!
      Your friend,

      • Buddy, I guess I am well now. As exams are over now. Had lot of thing to share. You will see them soon on Being Bettr. Now I heard of his blog (after you told me). Truly I have been to his blog & he is full of inspiration and energetic. Loved his passion for his blogging. I wish to do the same as learning is a continuous process. Looking forward to connect with him. Surely it will take time but he is an amazing person. 🙂

        Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂
        Your Buddy, Swetank ❤

    • Thank you, dear Amy! I agree with you, it’s important to find joy and happiness in the Now moment. I’m honoured you like this image. Continuing to keep you and your town in my prayers.
      Takami ❤

      • Takami, we really are OK. We survived and now there are only remnants of snow on the ground. It’s amazing how just a few short days ago, I was living a disaster and today, all is back to the normal for this time of year. Just amazing. I really thank you for your prayers. I believe it is prayer that saved us. Love, Amy

    • Thank you for your comment Sue! You’re right, it’s so easy for us to overlook the ‘simple’ joys of life, of which there are so many. I’m delighted this small duckling could bring happiness to you 🙂 🙂

    • I agree with you! It really is a blessing to be around people who sincerely care for you 🙂 And this little duck truly seemed happy splashing around in the water. He could melt my icy heart 🙂 🙂

  5. Happiness is seeing this sweet little fluff ball on your blog! How could one not feel happiness in seeing this adorable little creature, so beautifully photographed by you, someone who finds so much happiness in doing so? Your image is infused with happiness! Ah… happiness is so many things to me. For me, a state of happiness comes from focusing on happy thoughts, happy subjects and beautiful things in nature. It’s recalling happy memories, or anticipating happy events in the future, or taking a walk in the spring rains, or watching the sunset with my sweetie, or appreciating a dear friend, or sharing a laugh with a stranger on an elevator, or having a fun chat with the stranger next to me in line at the checkout counter, or getting lost in photography, or art or reading an uplifting book, or finding a new creative idea that excites me and pondering that. For me, happiness is bright colours and whimsy. It’s a fresh sheet of paper and a new pen. It’s saying hello to a beautiful old tree and really looking at that tree, appreciating its magnificence and splendor. Or looking for and seeing magic in ordinary things on an ordinary day. It’s looking at the sky and finding fun shapes in the clouds and laughing as the shape quickly turns into something else. Mostly, happiness is finding joy in the ordinary stuff of life that stands before me. The more I look for happy things, the more happy things I see. I’ve learned that whenever I consciously choose to focus on happy things, then happiness fills my heart. Happiness is a state I can actually consciously cultivate. If you’d have told me that years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. But I’ve proven it to myself. And, for me, it’s working! Oh dear…ha…ha… sorry if I got a bit too carried away! A subject close to my heart! I love your beautiful photograph of this sweet little duckie, Takami! Wishing you and your husband a very, very HAPPY day! :))

    • Hello Jeannie,
      TGIF! Oh, thank you so much for your amazing comment!
      I laughed when I read ‘sweet little fluff ball’ – yes, baby duckies are the sweetest looking fluff balls indeed 🙂 🙂 I totally & wholeheartedly agree with you on what happiness means to us. And you’re right, the more we try to consciously look for happy things, the more we can see (and feel) it around us. How said that we’re so accustomed to looking at the dark side of things, but not enough of the bright side. When I photograph little bits of nature – like this ducky – I am reminded to enjoy *this* moment, and not get too carried away with my ‘human’ thoughts. My limited experience thus far if photographing animals/nature has really taught me to be aware and appreciate ‘the now’ and be grateful for what it is 🙂
      Thank you so much again, and wishing you and your partner a Happy Weekend 🙂

    • りょう様

    • Hello Kelly,
      Thank you for your visit and comment! I’m glad you liked this photo. Ducklings are among my favourite subjects to photograph…they always seem to be smiling 😉 Wish you a lovely day, and feel free to stop by again 🙂
      Best wishes,

    • ちゅんさま

      • 幸せってどうとらえるのか難しいですね。

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