新しい出会い/a chance meeting

** ギャラリー(4枚の写真です)/a gallery of 4 photos **
街でメジロに出会いました/a lucky meeting with a Japanese White-eye 🙂20150114-mejiro-1-2 20150114-mejiro-2-2 20150114-mejiro-3-2 20150114-mejiro-4-2*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s).
※画像をクリックすると大きく見れます。 🙂
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85 thoughts on “新しい出会い/a chance meeting

  1. We have these birds in Australia too. We know them as Silvereyes….. They often come into my garden for fruit and insects and are most often in the company of Weebills (which are generally considered to be Australia’s smallest birds).

    • It must be a wonderful site to see these birds right in your garden! I’m envious 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by, for the many ‘likes’ and of course your comment.
      Best wishes,

      • It is wonderful! And I’m fortunate enough to have 28 species of birds visiting year-round, and many of those daily.
        Thank you for your beautiful photos and also for your support of my site. 🙂

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  3. Great photos Takami. Oddly enough I have seen this special bird many times, but not in Japan…in Hawaii. They are difficult to capture because they’re twitchy and fast. 🙂

    • Thank you Jet 🙂
      I think I remember reading somewhere that Mejiro were introduced to the Hawaiian islands in the early 20th century, so perhaps it’s not so odd that you saw them in Hawaii 🙂 I agree, they’re very twitchy and fast, therefore difficult to capture. I think this particular fellow was looking for attention (or admiration) 😀

    • Many thanks! I don’t really have much opportunity to photographs birds in Tokyo, but this was a special treat. Mejiro are my favourite birds and I am so happy at the positive reception this series is getting. Now, I must start replying to the lovely comments 🙂

    • Thank you Nicodemas! I was so lucky that my husband spotted this bird – it’s our favourite type of bird, along with sparrows – and this fellow decided to spend a few minutes posing for the camera. I think he knew he was being admired 🙂 😀 Your comments mean a lot!!

    • Hello Sue 🙂
      Many thanks for your comment. These guys/gals bring a burst of colour to the otherwise grey winter and are eagerly waited by all 😀 I hope to have more chances to make photos of these birds during the winter.

    • I love birds too, and this (along with the sparrow) is my favourite bird! I love the eyes and the green/yellow colours…they bring a burst of colour to an otherwise drab time of year 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m not a bird expert, but I do think they eat insects 😉

    • Thank you so much Sarah! They’re usually winter/early spring birds, so if you were here in summer/autumn, you might not have seen them. But I sincerely hope you’ll have a chance to see them the next time you’re here 🙂

  4. What a joy to see this beautiful Japanese White-eye! How I wish they lived here. It would be such a treat to see one for real. I love your series, Takami. This little guy looks quite relaxed. I think he wanted to show you all his good sides! Thanks for starting off my day on such a sweet note! :)). Have a very Happy Day, my friend! :)))

    • Thank you Jeannie! So happy to know this guy wished you a good morning 🙂
      It was like a surprise gift to see this burst of colour in my neighborhood. They’re ‘winter birds’ so should stick around for a while. The plum blossoms are starting to bloom, and the white eyes look marvelous next to them. Hopefully, there will be opportunities to photograph that moment. Now, if there were some plum trees in my neighborhood….must run to the local park 🙂

    • Hello Teagan,
      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂
      I was expecting this fellow to fly off while I ran back to the flat to grab my camera, but he was patiently waiting. I think the big lens caught his fancy, or he was simply enjoying being admired 😀
      Best wishes,

  5. こんにちは。

    • りょうちゃん様

  6. The Japanese white-eye — what a beautiful little bird, and thank you Takami for capturing such beautiful photos of him (her?)! I’ve never heard of this bird before, so it’s nice to learn something new. And I absolutely adore his yellowness! Such a wonderful, and cheerful, color! Hope you’re having an enjoyable start to the new year, 🙂

    • Hello Deb,
      Thank you for your comment and positive feedback for this bird! I am not sure if it’s a him or her (my bird skills are very poor, alas!) but it seemed like a ‘him’ because he was strutting his stuff and almost showing off 🙂 😀

      My new year has been good so far, but I feel terrible that so many tragic events have happened so soon 😦 I am hoping we humans can try to unite for a positive cause. I’ll keep hope!

  7. 数日前、皇居の隣の北の丸公園でメジロを見かけました。あのヒューというような鳴き声も聞こえました。小さい頃あの小鳥を如何にかして自分の手の中に入れてみたいと紐の先にうどん粉をこねたものを付けて釣れると思って投げてみたり、かえって追い払うようなことをしました。そんなことを思い出して句を作り、今日ブロッグに載せたところです。偶然でしょうか。嬉しく思いました。

    • おはようございます。コメントを寄せていただきありがとうございます!こちらの返信が大変遅くなり申し訳ありません。私も子供の頃からメジロが大好きでした。今も大好きです、何時まで見ていても飽きません(笑)葦享様と同じ「テーマ」だったことを大変光栄に思っております。因みに「伊奈葉くんアメリカを見る」拝読中です☆

      • Hello Ken-san,
        Thank you so much for your comments! I’m delighted you liked this little series. These are my favourite birds, they provide a burst of beautiful colours during the dark drab winter months. Soon the plum blossoms will bloom, and the white eyes will look so beautiful next to them!

        • You are welcome, Ibara-san.
          I try to take bird photos too, but not much to show for it at the moment, i am afraid. With a max 200mm focal length with the current fuji telephoto lenses, the best place i guess its the local bird park/zoo :).
          oh yeah, the sakura in japan, awesome!

          • It’s the same with me too! That’s why it was such a treat that this bird was so near, and didn’t mind strutting his stuff while I admired his good looks 🙂 🙂

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