初めての狩り/the first hunt

** ギャラリー(写真5枚です)/a gallery of 5 photos ** 🙂 20150603-tibaraphoto-first-hunt-1 20150603-tibaraphoto-first-hunt-2 20150603-tibaraphoto-first-hunt-3 20150603-tibaraphoto-first-hunt-4 20150603-tibaraphoto-first-hunt-5*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s).

* * *
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76 thoughts on “初めての狩り/the first hunt

  1. They are just so beautiful. I could watch these two all day long and just never get tired of them. I thank you so much for sharing them with a world that is always in need of as much beauty and love as it can get. Your pictures truly are a blessing to the soul.

    • Thank you so much for your warm words. Like you, I could watch them all day long and never get tired. And on this day, that’s exactly what I did 🙂 There is so much going on in this world, both near and far, and sadly, a lot of it is not good at all. But moments like these reminds me, that it’s OK to have hope, and try my best (however small it may be) to contribute a little something to those around me. Many thanks again!

    • Hello dear Amy ❤
      Thank you so much for your kind words. If you enjoyed spending a few moments with these baby lions, then it's the best compliment! I'm always inspired by your photography, poetry and beautiful heart. Wishing you and all your family a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  2. こんにちは。

    • あわせかがみ様☆

  3. aaah they are so cute! I hope to see many more of your photos. Your camera must have been working overtime! Hugs from Amsterdam<3

  4. So adorable, Takami (and such great photographs, too!), 🙂 I guess kittens will be kittens, whether they’re the “big” cat kind or the “small” cat kind. I do so love the way they frolic and play — I could watch them all day! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

    • Thank you Deb! ❤
      It's my pleasure to share the photos with you. Watching the cubs romp around and 'simply be cubs' really made my day, and gave a healthy dose of 'animal therapy.' If my snapshots can convey even a little of the cubs' natural playfulness, then I'm one happy person 😀

    • Hello Bob,
      Thank you very much for commenting. I was hoping you’d have a chance to see these cubs 🙂 As you know, the antics of the cubs are so comical and one can’t help but smile. I considered myself very blessed to spend the day with these two, all the more so since I managed to go on a weekday & avoid the crowds 😀

  5. Lovely and lively pictures, Takami! I love the tense concentration in the first image ~ superb! Their hunting instincts are developing very early 😀

    • Thank you friend! ❤
      Yes, their instincts are developing so quickly. I love to see them make new discoveries 😀 I hope all continues to go well with you, the Osprey family and the salt marsh!

  6. Great series of action shots, my friend! I’ve always enjoyed watching domestic cats get into their hunting mindset—to me, their quiet and precise movements are utterly beautiful to watch. I love seeing them in their silent stealth mode. Watching the big cats play and practice what comes so instinctively to them would be a real treat to see. As always, very nice photography work, Takami. Hope all is well with you both. Enjoy your week ahead! :)))

    • Hello Jeannie!
      Greetings from warm & sunny Tokyo (although it’s nighttime now) 😀
      It really was so much fun to watch these little big cats get in touch with their natural instincts. In my humble opinion (to my untrained human eye), at this age (2 months old), they seemed much less coordinated than domestic cats. But, even in their cub-ish their clumsiness, you could see how they’d become strong, swift and extra skillful. I know you’d have a grand time watching them – not to mention make awesome photos 🙂
      Hope all is well with you & yours too!

    • Thank you Kathy! I’ll admit, I like the pouncing snapshot very much too 😀 It was so much fun to spend the whole day with the cubs, watching them try to outwit each other. And like true siblings, they’d snuggle up and sleep together when tired ❤

    • Hello Jet,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who loves watching cubs all day 😀 I can imagine you must have had some grand sightings in Africa. I tried very hard to capture the cubs’ natural energy & playfulness…so I’m happy it showed in the snapshots 🙂 Wishing you a great day!!

    • Dear Indah,
      You’re always so kind with your comments. I’m flattered! 🙂 Yes, the ‘hunt’ went well for the cubs. There movements are still clumsy, but I can feel their intense spirit – true kings & queens of the animal world 😀

      Wishing you a good night from Tokyo ❤

  7. I smiled all the way through these photos! What is being stalked in the first one? I was thinking an insect… both cubs are endearing. The size of those paws let you know they are going to b magnificent adults. Check out the article on the Lion Whisperer in the latest Smithsonian Magazine. This guy takes in lions and lion cubs to his preserve in South Africa – has cub petting! – and walks and plays with his lions every day. Amazing.

    • Hello Noelle!
      Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m delighted to know these photos brought a smile to your face 🙂 I was smiling so much the entire day (even while photographing the cubs) my face hurt 😀

      To answer your question about the first shot, the cub is actually stalking his sister! He thought he was being very subtle 😀 And I am also a big fan of Kevin Richardson “The Lion Whisperer” of South Africa 🙂 My husband & I hope to volunteer at his sanctuary someday… Ah, we’ll keep dreaming 😉


      • I would love to go there, too! I’m sure your photographs would be spectacular – best wishes for getting there. I’ve always wondered if the big cats respond to petting and rubbing the way domestic cats do. I’m a specialist in that – we once had five cats (strays and handmedowns from family members).

    • Thank you sir, for your comment & kind words 🙂 I agree, they seem so ‘cute’ and adorable at this stage. They grow so quickly…it’s nice to keep this moment in time 🙂

      Best wishes,

    • wakasahs15thさま☆

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