ボクのスーパーヒーロー/my dad’s a superhero

ありがとう、パパ。Thanks Dad!20150805-tibaraphoto-superdad-2*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s).

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106 thoughts on “ボクのスーパーヒーロー/my dad’s a superhero

  1. Takami, love the photo and love the title — it’s perfect! So glad to be back so I can check out your awesome photography again — I’ve missed you!!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s been cool in the Midwest — very fallish, autumn — but I believe warmer temps are returning … yay! 🙂

    • Deb, what a pleasant surprise to read your comment! So glad you could stop by and enjoy some of the photos. You’ve been missed too! The summer in Tokyo was long and humid. But soon we’ll enter autumn, my most favourite season 🙂 Wishing you, C-dog and all your wonderful family the best.

      • Thank you, Takami! We’ve missed you and your terrific photos, but now we’ll be in touch — we’re “back in the groove.” I know exactly what you mean about autumn — it’s my favorite season as well. The Midwest actually had a pretty cool summer, as summers go, so I’m just wondering what our autumn and winter will be like. Well, I guess we’ll soon find out. Take care — and talk/visit with you soon!

  2. This is such a great shot ~ the ‘super-hero’ title is so perfect, a majestic spread of the wings that are so nicely backlit. Super shot Takami 🙂 Wish you a great weekend!

    • Thank you Randall! Lucky for me, Dad decided to show off his superhero skills right near my balcony. The neighbors must have found it hilarious, as I was peeking out with my lens for quite some time in order to get this shot 🙂

    • Thank you Bob! I was blown away by the perfection & symmetry that are found in nature. As you can imagine, I didn’t have time to actually “check” how the photo turned out when shooting it. It was afterwards, after viewing it on the screen, that I thought Wow, what a wonderful gift from God 🙂

  3. What a treat it is to have this beautiful swallow family living in your complex. This is a great capture, Takami! Truly beautiful! It amazes me how these birds can hover to feed their young. I’ve been watching Red-winged Blackbirds do the same thing. It’s interesting that you posted this particular shot, as just today I got a similar shot of a Tree Swallow parent feeding it’s fledgling. I got the shot as we walked through our local bird sanctuary this morning. It’s only a 10 minute drive from our abode but it has been closed for the past two and half years due to a terrible flood. Happily, it just reopened this weekend. It was a joy to be able to go again. But my shot isn’t nearly as good as yours—super shot, my friend. This little family of swallows is obviously bringing a lot of people a lot of joy! Wonderful post. Wishing you and yours a very happy week ahead! :))

    • Dear Jeannie,
      How exciting to know we’ve made smilar shots! You know what they say, “great minds think alike…” 🙂 ❤ I know you have very high standards, so I appreciate your positive comment. It must have been exciting to make a trip to your local bird sanctuary, especially after all this time (and flood).

      I remember reading through some books that barn swallows are perhaps the most agile/skilled flyers, even among birds. Like you, I was mesmerised by the amount of control the parents had, feeding the fledglings while hovering so masterfully. Not to mention, a cute contrast with the fledglings' attempts to flap their tinier wings and imitate their parents 🙂

      The family has moved on to their next destination, and we are all feeling a bit of 'empty-nest syndrome.' For the first days especially, it seemed as if the neighbourhood suddenly went mute – no sounds, no chirping, a stillness that felt unnatural. I admit to feeling sad that I will no longer be able to observe this family. But am also filled with joy at their progress and wish with all my heart that the family will continue to fly high and stay safe. Thanks so much again for your comment, and wishing you both a great remainder of the week too!

    • Thank you, circadianreflections 🙂
      I loved observing this family of swallows, and am delighted at the overall positive response this image has been receiving. The swallow family has moved to their next destination. I hope they will continue to thrive.

      Best wishes,

  4. What a beautiful capture my friend, and it looks like the parent is teaching the youngster all it needs to know about the great big world that it is about enter into, all the time knowing that should the need arise, there is a superhero that can be turned to if things ever become too much. Lovely. You truly are an amazing photographer.

    • Thank you so very much, my friend. You expressed so wonderfully the emotions I hoped to convey with the image. This swallow family was truly like a gift. During the 2 months or so of their stay, they gave the neighbours a real sense of community, even sparking spontaneous conversations between complete strangers, and the concrete jungle seemed a magical place. They have now moved on towards their next destination. While I knew it would happen, I admit to experiencing some empty nest syndrome. My husband and I hope they reach their next home safely.

      • It’s just magical what a simple little visit from one of God’s creatures can to to even the most jaded of human beings, so when someone as tender-hearted as yourself is exposed to this sort of thing, I can only imagine the “empty-nest” syndrome as you refer to it, and it must be incredible. What an experience.

        • Thank you. It means a lot to us. And as you say, a simple visit from one of God’s creature can make such a huge difference in humanity. I remember my older relatives often said, we need to have a better balance of ‘(human) civilisation’ and nature in order to bring out the best in people. And the older I get, the more I start to understand how true it is…

    • Thank you Mary. It was a stroke of good luck that the chick decided to rest on the wires that were easily viewable from my apartment window. All I had to do was wait for that perfect moment. The neighbors had a good laugh as they saw my lens peeking out from the window for much of the morning 😀

    • Thank you Gigi ❤ I loved especially the sheer difference in wing span between the two. By themselves, the chicks looked almost fully grown up. But compared to their parents (in this case, Papa Swallow), they are still little kids 😀

  5. She is beautiful this photo, it’s cute to see
    father feed its young, I like your picture,
    it is a pleasure to watch.
    I wish you a nice day, Takami.

    • Thank you dear Hervé. It’s my pleasure to share moments of this swallow family with you. These moments are very brief, but they stay in my heart for a long time. This family has now moved to their next ‘home.’ I miss them, but I wish for them only to reach their destination safely… 🙂

    • Thank you Lindy! It was very exciting for us, especially since this family of swallows made their home right in the parking lot of our flat this year. I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you Indah ❤ I love getting 'action' shots, and this was the unique combination of a parent's tenderness (at least that's how it appeared to my eyes) and the amazing flying skills of the Swallows. The family has now moved on to the next phase of their journey. I hope the kids will grow into healthy adults, and that they'll return to make another nest next year. And thus, continue the cycle 🙂

  6. That is an awesome picture (and very creative title! I’ve been watching the sparrow babies and their parents feeding them by our bird feeder the past several weeks.. What variety of bird is this?

    • Thank you! It must be really something to watch the sparrow babies 🙂
      This is a family of barn swallows, the same family from last week’s “rescue” post. The chicks had just left their nest on this day, and were demanding that Mom and Dad bring them something to eat asap. And Papa came to the rescue 😀

    • Thank you, Mr. Nguyen. It was an exciting moment for me to make this photo, and I’m happy for the positive response it’s been getting. This swallow family really gave a sense of ‘community’ even here in the big city while they were here.

    • AshiAkira様☆

    • Thank you Gin ❤
      It really caught me by surprise. Another lucky moment!
      And I loved the details on the wings too, it really shows the difference between the adults & chicks 🙂

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