郷愁/nostalgic homeland

20160210-tibaraphoto-savanna-daydream-2*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s).


©T Ibara Photo(茨原 孝貞)

©T Ibara Photo (Takami Ibara)
All images on this site are copyrighted by Takami Ibara (茨原 孝貞). Any and all use of materials on this site without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.

105 thoughts on “郷愁/nostalgic homeland

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  2. いつも素晴らしい写真を拝見させています。ところで今現在私のフォローしている人のページがReader上で見ることができません。Ibaraさんの方ではどうでしょう。

    • AshiAkira様☆

  3. おはようございます。

    • Chun様☆

  4. 井原様、御無沙汰しております。お元気でしょうか。このライオンさんはとてもご立派で誰にも怖る必要はありませんね。黒白は良く合っていますよ!

    • 金本様☆

  5. Beautiful dreamer, Takami. This picture is a perfect illustration of his wish for his vast savannah. I hope to see the King live tomorrow, if I’m lucky. Greetings from Nairobi.

  6. That’s a beautiful image. I do really like animals but scared of wild ones.

    • Thank you Randall! It’s always great to receive feedback. I realise that the titles we choose for photographs are very important, in that they can affect how the viewer sees the photo. I take care to come up with appropriate titles for my photos. Sometimes, it’s more challenging than taking the photo itself 😀 I’m happy this majestic lion is receiving such a positive response. My small contribution to him.

      Hope you have a great week ahead,

  7. Hello dear Takami! Your photo is absolutely magnificent! It really highlights the beauty of such a proud and regal animal. I love the way the background echoes the lines of his beautiful mane. Your monochromatic treatment adds to the beauty and allure of this magnificent animal—your beautiful photo does it justice in every way. Wonderful work, my friend! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! :))

    • Hello dear Jeannie! Good morning from Tokyo 🙂

      This was taken on the same day as “The Chase” with the new lens. The skies were overcast, which made for a very ‘moody’ atmosphere. I was some distance away from this lion, but the super-duper zoom allowed me to capture some moments of his expression. He is so naturally regal and handsome. I couldn’t help but wonder (from my human perspective) if there was something he could sense, that somehow he could feel his true homeland is somewhere far away…

      One of the members of my photography club is in Kenya this month. So instead of being envious (although I mean it in a good way!), I decided to go out and experience special moments right near home. Thank you so much for your comment, my friend. Wishing you and yours a very happy Valentine’s weekend ❤

  8. Love this photo, Takami! Of course, I love lions, lol. But this is a great photo with so much life and personality, and I think the sepia tones are wonderful and bring out the rich dignity of the animal. Beautiful.

    • Thank you Deb. I knew right away that b&w / sepia would be perfect for this image. It’s always nice to know that others enjoyed it too. And I think lions are very photographic in both colour and b&w 🙂

    • りょうちゃん様☆

    • Hello my friend,
      I too, would love to know what he’s thinking about. Would I be able to fathom his thoughts? He looked so regal, so majestic. But also as though he was longing for his homeland. At least, from my human’s point of view…

    • Nasuko様☆

    • Thank you Jeff! I’m glad you agree with the black and white. When I was looking through the finder, I knew this image was meant to be in b&w. Likewise with the composition, so happy my ‘gut instinct’ paid off 😀

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